Adam Green

Name: Adam Green

Year: 4th (transfer)

Major(s)/ Track: Physics / Standard

(Optional) GPA(cumulative): 3.85            (Optional) GPA(Physics): 4.00

Able to help with Physics homework: Yup

Current/ Past Research (if any): High-Energy theory (Tanedo),  

High-Energy experiment (Long), Condensed Matter (Lau)

Campus Involvement: CNAS Science Ambassador, SI Leader, UCR Honors, Tau Sigma Honor Society, SPS Officer, UCR Pep-band

Accolades/ Awards: Band - most dedicated member (2015)

Maximum number of mentees: 5


Plans after graduation:

After I graduate I hope to attend graduate school, ideally somewhere that is scenic and has weather I agree with, for possibly particle theory but I’m not really sure right now. My answer to this question really depends on the day you ask me because I am also partially considering working in industry somewhere, perhaps aerospace. However, my ultimate end-goal after all the dust has settled is to work at a national lab and be a professional scientist.


If you saw yourself from a third person perspective, how would you describe that person? What kinds of first impressions would that person make?

I would describe that person as a very shy and reserved individual who chooses when to speak. Someone who keeps to themself, but can be reasonably outgoing from time to time if the situation feels right. Someone who is very comfortable and secure with and within themself, their self-image is very solid and concrete. As far as a first impression, my quiet side would definitely dominate first impressions. I imagine people would describe their first impression of me as one of those “quiet but smart” kids.


Have you read any good books or literature lately? If so, what were they?

I recently read some papers by Hai-bo (Prof. Yu) and Flip (Prof. Tanedo) about dark matter and various ways to use dark matter to explain astrophysical observations. Other than academic material, papers and books and that sort of thing, I’m afraid I don’t read too much. I can say though, that my favorite non-academic book ever is Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box by G.P. Taylor.


What is your dream job?

I can’t formulate my dream job into one cohesive sentence, so I’ll just describe the important parts of it: I want to be outside somewhere, preferably a forest or in the foothills where the air is crisp and cold, and there is always a slight mist. I want unlimited access to coffee/ tea, because coffee is life. I would prefer to be alone, or have the ability to decide who I work with and when I need to interact with people, because silence is golden. I want to be paid to think and explore thoughts that happens to enter my mind, to dig down through the nitty gritty of my conscienceness understand as much of my thoughts and myself as I can.


What are you as a mentor expecting from this program?

As a mentor, I am expecting to help build a stronger undergraduate physics community and to catalyze connections between students who otherwise wouldn’t connect. I am expecting to help develop students that will take my place at UCR and provide them a better experience than what I had.


What is an accomplishment that you take personal pride in?

I tried to avoid academics for this one, but I’m honest pretty proud of earning an A in EM Waves (PHYS 136). I had heard that class had a reputation as the hardest undergrad physics class and I can definitely understand why. The math was insane and the pace was crazy fast, but I kept my head down, put in a ton of work, and survived.


Who do you see yourself becoming in the next five years?

I see myself becoming a pretty fun TA at whatever school I end up at for my graduate work. I want to be that TA who seems like he doesn’t know what he’s doing, but somehow stumbles and does mathe-magic to solve his way through problems even though everyone knows I totally know what I’m doing. I want to be a TA that inspires students to go explore topics and ideas outside of class material.


Who is your personal hero and why?

Bruce Lee. His self-discipline and ability to adapt himself to new situations have always inspired me to work as hard as he does. He is also very humble about his accomplishments, which I try to emulate. He also has wisdom well beyond his years, and I often wonder how he became so wise. I try to follow in his footsteps by doing as much as I can with my life, and right now at UCR that means trying to participate in everything that I have an interest in.


What pushed or pushes you to pursue physics?

I have been curious about how the universe works from a very young age, from wondering why the sky was blue when I was a kid, to the fundamental truths of the universe now. I am driven in part by my curiosity of the world around me, the anticipated excitement of discovery, but also my desire to contribute something to the scientific community and give back to humanity.



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